Arborea 20″O-ZONE cymbal – Raw New Style


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1 in stock

Knight:Original Series

Bronze alloy:80%copper+20%tin

Size: 8”/203mm~24”/610mm

Craft:The surface keep original bronze color with regular manual’s very popular in European market for its crude appearance and wild sounds.This is the final version of the raw cymbal.

Musical quality:bright,long sustain,plump,strong and transparent.

Musical style: jazz, rock,punk,latin

Application:it’s suitable for professional performance

Our cymbals are handmade and we mean HANDMADE, by our highly experienced Master Cymbalsmiths, with a guarantee that every cymbal they produce is individual to you – unlike the mass produced cymbals of our competitors.

It is this human element throughout the whole manufacturing process that makes our cymbals stand out from the crowd, with the highest standards of quality maintained, at each and every single step

4)Now let’s have a look of our cymbals….

we attend musical instrument exhibition every year!

If you are a new drummer, the following information might be useful…..

a) A standard drum kit will usually include a ride, hi-hat set, and one or more crash cymbals. Other types may also be present including splash, china, and other effects cymbals.Specialty cymbals are made for specific music forms, such as rock, jazz, heavy metal, etc. The many different cymbal designs and types available ensure that drummers and percussionists can find instruments for any musical style

b)The ride cymbal is a common fixture in a drum kit configuration. It serves a function similar to that of a hi-hat, namely to maintain a steady pattern. It is often a larger and heavier cymbal, thus giving it increased volume and longer sustain. A drummer may alternate play between the hi-hat and ride. By using different sizes, weights, and styles of rides, a player can chose the one best suited for any musical style and mode of play.

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